Ida Gurguri, 25, Fier, Albania

My film is about a girl with burn scars on her legs.  She’s afraid of what society will think of her, and she always wears red boots, even in the middle of the summer, to hide them. She never goes to the beach because she’s afraid of what people will think; she always hides herself.

The character [in my film] is me. I’ve decided to accept myself; and I want other people to know me as well. I have decided to take part in this training because I believe in the power of art to change society.

Nowadays, we live in a fake society because social media has changed our field of vision. We believe that we are perfect from toe to hair, with filters – but reality is not like that.

I feel very grateful for this experience, because I dreamed about doing this 13 years ago, and now I’m realizing it. I think showing films like this can make a difference. I’d never showed my scars anywhere before.



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