Dafina Shekutkovska, 31, Skopje

You participated in our filmmaking workshop. Tell us about the film the process of making your film?

The story was inspired by a tragic event: I’m a teacher and one of my students committed suicide. Through film, I wanted to break the taboo of going to a psychologist and actively seeking help. I wanted to raise awareness about mental health and suicide.  My film is a combination of stop motion animation and real-life actors. I was very happy that after completing my film, it was selected to be screened at the Lift-Off festival in London – which is an independent film market that showcases first time filmmakers […] I love the change that art can bring into everyday life, and I love the initiative (Youth Artivists for Change) for telling people’s stories and fighting for human rights through art. The team was wonderful and I learned a lot from them. The team made me a better person.


You’re now one of the grantees and will receive support to work on a bigger version of the film. How will you develop your film?

I’m very excited to have this grant and I’m very grateful to Youth Artivists for Change for the opportunity. I’ve worked on a new script, which adds more scenes to the old script, it explains the story in more detail and adds more perspectives.


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