Anxhela Gaxhazi, 20, Tirana

Art always makes a difference; art can make many people believe in an idea. It arrives in their hearts and minds. That’s why movies, music and theater can enter more deeply into someone’s soul than, say, politics.

My film is about a young actor who is excited about entering the industry. He receives a lot of scripts and roles and his skills are used. But then reality hits and he is paid nothing for his work. The process drains his energy until he’s not a functioning human. He loses his passion and is no longer an artist. It kills me to see how hard it is to be an artist. Especially in Albania.

I’m currently enrolled in a theatre directing and acting course but I want to study filmmaking after! I participated in this training to learn basic knowledge about the filmmaking process.

Our instructor showed us that when shooting, everything is a metaphor.  It’s not just mathematical precision. For example, while shooting: if a character is in prison, then you put a wall behind him so the audience sees he doesn’t have a future.



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