Aneta Mihali Xhiku (Neta), Saranda

I wanted to be in the creative industry forever, but I couldn’t because I had a career and had to make a living for my family and myself. I’m interested in writing. I want to write about people’s lives, real people that aren’t on TV and don’t make the headlines.  People with values that are often overlooked or forgotten. So I started writing around a year ago. At the same time I was interested in images and I was looking at photographs of the subjects that I was writing about. So I figured it would be more impactful to have documentaries about these people. So that you can see them talking and telling their own stories and you can relate to them more as an audience.

Documentary can raise voices and empower people. Do you think the world can be improved through cinema?

When you see a real person that may be your next-door neighbour, or an old person that you never paid attention to. And they have so much to share, you can relate strongly with that person, and the values that they have can be conveyed to the next generation. Nowadays, we are surrounded by so much advertisement; so much fakeness, and it’s very refreshing to hear somebody like  my 96 years old neighbor, giving a long speech about self reliance; she can do everything by herself.




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